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Story #10

"You Won't Be Alone"

"You Won't Be Alone"

Years ago I was helping my daughter with her newborn baby and her 5 older children. Everything was comfortable and moving along nicely. I would ride with her in the mornings when she brought the older children to school and her husband would pick them up on his way home from work. All was going well until she injured her shoulder in a small car accident about 2 weeks after I was there. A friend would bring the children to school in the morning after that, as I knew I could not drive the major highways. I lived in the country and country roads and country highways were all I was comfortable with. One day her husband called and said he had to work late and he could not pick the children up from school. She would need to ask someone else to do that. No problem, she had many friends. She called one friend, then another, and another — no one was able to do it. I couldn’t believe it. When she asked me if I could do it, I flat out said “I cannot!” I was terrified of driving on a major highway. When all options were exhausted I knew I had to step up. I prayed so hard and the encouraging words came: “You won’t be alone, you can do this.” I got into her car and my prayers never stopped. I knew the route and prayed constantly. Comfort and courage came. At one point the thought came ‘Can you believe you are driving an SUV on a major 4 lane highway??’ I panicked. I collected myself and said a prayer. Again the comforting and encouraging words came, ‘You are not alone, you are not alone.’ Peace and encouragement came. I was able to make the drive that day and knew I was never ever alone. Her husband met me at the school and I then followed him home.

I was never alone.

Country Grandma

Age 62

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