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Story #12

"Miracles on My Behalf"

"Miracles on My Behalf"

One day I was in the middle of needing to make a bunch of decisions that would affect, I thought, my standing with some friends. There was a lot going on in my life and I was so worried that I was going to hurt or offend people by not being able to do certain things. This fear of hurting friends made me think I might lose them entirely, which was totally anxiety, but I still couldn’t bear that thought.

With all the anxiety running through me, I knelt down to pray and asked God for peace and direction. Honestly, I just wanted Him to fix the issues — to make all the complexities of the decisions simple or even just to make the decisions for me so I wouldn’t have to bear that weight. The answer I felt was very different than what I was expecting. It was simply to decide what I genuinely wanted to do, unswayed by peer pressure, and then God would come take care of everything else, even perform miracles on my behalf. I honestly was shocked to have such a clear feeling that He would “perform miracles”.

Later that day I had a phone call with a friend and it went so well and with such love and understanding I felt lighter than I had all week. I really felt God’s love through my friend and that He was performing miracles.

Digital Artist

Age 33

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