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Share your story with us!

Use the form below to submit an experience of Jesus Christ helping you

The goal of the project is to collect short stories of Jesus Christ helping people in their everyday lives. Everything from the small impression to not forget a certain item at the grocery store to the profound yet simple peace that comes from a prayer before a school test. We'd love to hear every experience and story you'd like to share, but we ask, in order to keep to the goal of simple everyday experiences, that all submissions adhere to the following guidelines and disclaimer:


  • Keep the story portion to 300 words or less

  • Do not include private or identifying information about yourself or others

  • Focus the story on a single moments as much as possible


​As this project is for collecting and sharing stories, it is important to understand that by sharing a story here you agree for it to be shared in a post or, potentially one day, in a published book. Minor spelling and grammar edits will be done, but if more corrections are needed such as reducing length or removing identifying names that encroach on privacy, the final story will be emailed back for your final approval before being used. Also note that not all stories submitted will be posted or published. Thank you so much for your understanding!

Thanks for submitting!

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