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Story #46

"An Embracing Feeling"

I had a wonderful "follow-up" experience to one that I had already shared here a while back (Story #4). It happened again while playing VR actually...

Age 71

Story #45

"My Heart Was Lifted"

Long ago, when our family was young and our schedule was very full, I remember a particular day feeling very overwhelmed. I let my family know...

Age 31

Story #44

"The Perfect Friend"

Over my adult years, my social anxiety has heightened, making it difficult for me to get to know new people or to get involved in social activities...

(Age Withheld)

Story #43

"Looking Forward to Each Day"

Some 35 years ago a young man in our neighborhood had been struck by a car while walking home from school. Because the accident...

Age 32

Story #42

"The Time Came to Sign"

I get anxious fairly often, and for the longest time I believed that the anxiety I was feeling was the Holy Ghost sending me impressions...

Age 26

Story #41

"Received a Promise"

I had always felt the gentle guidance to stay close to my family. I care about them a lot, and want good things for them. I served...

Age 32

Story #40

"Just Drive All the Way"

Once I needed to make a significant purchase, but it was really hard to find. The purchase was in order to help someone else, and I was...

(Age Withheld)

Story #39

"A Little Warning"

I had an experience that was super simple, but I think the message, at least what it meant to me, was huge. I was playing a game with...

(Age Withheld)

Story #38

"Feeling the Ground"

I was feeling anxious at a church meeting one day and decided to stand outside the door listening and pacing a bit. While doing so...

Age 26

Story #37

"I Surprised Myself"

I get socially anxious sometimes and church is honestly a place where it happens frequently. I think it’s just sitting all close together...

Age 40

Story #36

"Something to Hold Onto"

I’d been out of work for about 8 months. I had a couple prospects that looked ok, but nothing was finalized. Financially, I had enough savings...

Age 24

Story #35

"Back to the Syllabus"

I’m grateful that the Lord can sometimes send a gentle reminder for things that clearly we should be aware of. Once during my freshman year...

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