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Story #13

"Loving Counsel"

"Loving Counsel"

When my children were younger, I had an experience that I will never forget. My oldest daughter was in a youth group and there were conflicts going on and feelings were being hurt. My heart sunk. One of the leaders was the mother of one of the girls in the group. It was hard as she showed, from my perspective, favoritism towards her daughter and some other girls. It wasn’t right, and I felt to take it to the Lord. I remember kneeling in a quiet room of our home, pleading with the Lord to make some changes because what I saw just didn’t feel right. I poured my heart out to Him. After that sincere prayer, I got up and went to the couch and fell asleep. It was a good rest and when I woke up, I heard and ‘felt’ this loving counsel, “You be sure that YOU are doing the right thing”. I never forgot that. I was reminded of Uzzah when he tried to steady the ark in the Old Testament (2 Samuel 6:6). I was firmly reminded that the Lord was in charge and He was aware of the situation. It was up to me to be sure I was choosing the right way and following Him. I will never forget that experience. It was pivotal for me and my learning.

Piano Teacher

Age 43

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