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Story #14

"The Savior Is in the Details"

"The Savior Is in the Details"

I remember when our family was preparing for a special event. It was for our youngest son and all his siblings were there. We were excited. This even was of a sacred nature and we wanted to be organized and certainly on time. I remember going to sleep that night and setting the alarm on my cell phone. In the middle of the night, a question came clearly to my mind and woke me up. It was, “Did you set your alarm?” I remembered I did, and so I smiled and turned on my side to go back to sleep. Then came the second question to my mind, “PM or AM” ? My eyes popped open and I took my phone and checked. Sure enough, it was set for PM. I set it to the right time and then was so amazed at the communication I just had, I could not go back to sleep. However, we were on time and it was a wonderful time. We are told that the Savior is in the details, and that night was a testimony to me. He certainly was.


Age 57

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