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Story #16

"We Can Say a Prayer"

"We Can Say a Prayer"

I was driving home from town one day, when our van started to ‘sound’ funny, and then it ‘felt’ funny and I knew I needed to pull over and stop. We were on a country highway, about 3 miles from home, and I had my 2 youngest sons with me. The boys were about 10 and 8 years old. I knew we could walk home, but I wasn’t terribly excited about doing that. I was tired and frustrated that I had some decisions to make and wasn’t sure what to do. My older son, feeling my frustration, said, “We can say a prayer.” I wasn’t feeling very humble, but of course knew that would be right to do. I let him say it and then went back to being frustrated.

Shortly after, a truck drove up behind us. I was scared and rolled up the windows of the van. My son was so happy and said, “Someone’s coming!” With some trepidation, I said, “Wait, we’ll see.” As this gentlemen started to walk to our car, I recognized him as a good brother from Church. My fears disappeared. He said he was driving home in the opposite direction on the highway, saw us, and though he didn’t recognize who we were, he turned around and came to see if we needed help. A 10 year old’s sincere prayer was answered.


Age 47

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