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Story #19

"It Began to Work"

"It Began to Work"

During the end of high school, I volunteered to film and edit a class video that was going to be our last “hurrah” before we graduated. All the lessons and things we learned were to be portrayed in a “parody” of sorts.

Filming day came and everything honestly went well. No issues with any of the equipment we brought or anything. The only bummer aspect was that we filmed on the weekend and I needed to have it ready by Monday, so there was a lot of crunch editing ahead.

That night, when I sat down to capture the footage and audio, my camera and computer kept freezing up and dropping frames which made the captured film choppy and unusable. I began to seriously panic. I tried again and again — Every time it came out the same. This was literally the last thing the entire class did together, needed to be ready the next day, and everything being captured was garbage.

I paced around frantically for what seemed like hours before I decided to say a prayer. I told God that I just needed the footage to be captured. It didn’t even have to be perfect. A few frames dropped was better than hundreds. I didn’t want to let my friends down.

I plugged the camera in again slowly, and started the process on more time and it began to work. There were some dropped frames, but it was working! I was speechless and overwhelmed with gratitude, but I felt to keep praying. I kept praying through all the hours of capturing that footage. When it was done, I knew I had seen a miracle. While the editing took forever, the short film remains one of my happiest memories with those friends and classmates.

High School Graduate

Age 19

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