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Story #20

"I Felt So Happy All of a Sudden"

"I Felt So Happy All of a Sudden"

When I was a sophomore in high school, the girl I really liked started hanging around this other dude and they were getting close. It wasn’t bad or anything. In fact, the guy was really cool! It just kind of hurt and put me in a sad place I guess. It almost sounds silly typing it up now, but at the time it was rough.

I remember one day during recess feeling really down. An impression then came to open the scriptures and read. I randomly opened them up to Alma 38:5, which was the prophet Alma telling one of his sons that whoever trusts in God, they will be delivered from all their troubles. For some reason, when I read it, my mind switched the son’s name to my name. It suddenly felt like God was talking directly to me and I felt so happy all of a sudden. I knew He was telling me to keep trusting Him and we’d be able to get through this together. To this day it’s my favorite scripture.

High School Student

Age 17

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