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Story #21

"This 'Calm' Was an Answer"

"This 'Calm' Was an Answer"

Once at work, we were gearing up for an online event that was going to be the first of its kind that we had ever done. A lot of the big hurdles had been taken care of, but the day before we went live we decided that a portion of the event should be dedicated to a new service and website we were launching. Basically something just showing all the new features and possibilities.

Unfortunately, this meant scripting, narrating, recording, animating, and editing all needed to be done by the next day. I was the only one in a position to do it, so I volunteered. Even though I knew the monumental nature of the task, I felt this calm come over me. Usually I get stressed out very, very easily, so this was unexpected. I had been praying in the days leading up to the event that things would go well, and I felt this assurance that this calm was an answer to that. A clarity of mind came on exactly how to make this happen, so I went home and began to work, and honestly things just kept falling into place.

Amazingly, I was able to finish everything by the next morning, previewed the video to our execs, and got the thumbs up. To this day I can’t deny that the Lord helped make that all happen.

Tech Specialist

Age 31

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