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Story #22

"Be Friends With That Person"

"Be Friends With That Person"

Sometimes friends come and go. And sometimes it’s even whole friend “groups”. That happened to me in college. I had a group of friends who I was really close to, but after a while we all kind of drifted.

I was feeling really lonely during this time. I prayed for friends, and one day something amazing happened. I was walking across campus and bumped into someone I had randomly been room mates with earlier that year. We weren’t really close then, but they were cool and always nice. We said hi for a few minutes and then went our separate ways, but when we did that this very clear thought came that simply said, “you should be friends with that person.” I was a little taken back, since this person and I weren’t really close, but it was such a clear thought that I recognized it as something from God. I was a bit anxious about it honestly, but I figured I should at least message them and see if they wanted to do something. Later that week, I did, and what started as a simple hangout turned into one of the greatest friendships I have. It even led me to other great friendships that have changed my life.

I will forever be grateful for that message from God. I know the Lord can guide us to people who can become incredible friends!

(Private Occupation)

Age 31

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