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Story #23

"Sense of Family Strength"

"Sense of Family Strength"

Once my roommates and I were having a hard time with each other. I didn’t think anything malicious was intended; we were just all at very different points in our lives and had very different life styles, so there was definitely some friction.

At the peak of it all, I remember going into my room and weeping. It had been months of non-stop anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, and feeling hopeless. I didn’t know what to do or how to fix what was going on. I knew my roommates were not bad people. I cared very deeply for them, but things just weren’t working out. I prayed in that language, and got a feeling of what to do…and it was going to be very, very hard. I wept some more because of the difficulty of the task, and then I got this very clear feeling from God that I was not alone, but that my family who had gone before me, my ancestors, were there with me. I felt this overwhelming sense of family strength; like I was surrounded by those who loved me and who were going to be with me every step of this journey and every journey afterwards. It changed everything for me and I can hardly explain how beautiful it felt. What happened in the following months was definitely very hard, but I followed through on the direction given and everything worked out. God and my family were there through it all.

I remember once being told that if we have guardian angels, who better than our family who already love us. I firmly believe that now.

College Student

Age 27

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