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Story #24

"Never Let Such Things Distract"

"Never Let Such Things Distract"

I’m an IT “guy” of sorts, so I love it when the time comes to upgrade tech or revamp my workstation. I learned an important lesson on one such occasion.

I had just unpacked and setup a new computer and was now eagerly ready to turn it on for the first time. However, to my dismay, the computer wouldn’t turn on. Suppressing my rising panic, I went through the simple troubleshooting steps I had done for so many others. Still, the computer wouldn’t turn on. This machine was to be put to immediate use with my upcoming projects — so at this point I was incredibly frustrated and unhappy. This computer was a dud. I knew I could get it replaced as a DOA (Dead on Arrival) but it meant a delay.

That night there were gospel classes put on by the congregations in the area. At this moment, with how I was feeling, I didn’t want to go, but a quiet and notably calmer feeling came with a simple message: I needed to go. I fought the feeling, wanting to keep trying to fix the computer, but I decided to trust it. I went, and during the class the subject was on prophets who had unexpected challenges and the ways they kept trusting in God. As I listened, the Holy Spirit put peace in to my troubled and frustrated heart. I felt happy again. I knew the Lord was telling me it would be alright; that He knew it was an unfortunate and inconvenient situation, but He wanted me to trust him and never let such things distract from what is most important: staying close and learning of Him.

IT Technician

Age 28

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