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Story #26

"I Know What You Need"

"I Know What You Need"

Been trying to work on getting some self-employment/entrepreneur projects off the ground and thankfully the Lord has blessed me with tons of help — mostly in the form of people wanting to share their experiences to help me along. So grateful for it!

Anyway, one night my creativity coach wanted to meet and seriously at the time I was feeling so anxious and tired and just bleh, so I didn’t want to be talking to anyone. I got a feeling that I should meet with them, and I pushed it away. “I’m tired,” I told myself. “You just don’t want to offend anyone even though they’d totally understand.” But again the feeling came, and it was to meet with them now. Maybe I was feeling anxious about ignoring that feeling, but I ended up accepting and we got together.

It turned into the exact meeting I needed. The questions/concerns that were causing me anxiety and feeling off were answered and I had a clear heading on what to do next. After the chat I said a prayer of thanks and started laughing because I knew that of course listening to the Lord was the best thing to do. It felt like the Lord was chuckling with me too. I could so clearly imagine His hand patting my shoulder as He smiled and said, “See? Trust me. I know what you need and I want to help”. He has helped so much on this journey!


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