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Story #27

"I Felt a Companionship"

"I Felt a Companionship"

Recently I’ve had a lot of moments where I’ve felt alone and troubled. Sometimes I can’t even put a finger on exactly why, but it lingers: this terrible feeling that I’m on my own.

The most recent time it happened, a simple, but very clear, feeling came to tell God all my troubles. Not to ask for anything, just to vent. I knew He was already aware of what I was feeling, but to simply say it all in prayer, to voice it like He was right next to me, relieved the heavy feelings. I could picture Him so clearly listening; just being there. Every so often there was a feeling of love. Something small, not overwhelming. Just enough to keep me going knowing I was unloading to someone who really cared.

When I was done, it felt like I had just finished talking to a good friend; one of those deep conversations that lasts. I was so relieved, and I felt a companionship with God. The problems didn’t go away, but I felt so different. I knew that not only was I walking with my Savior, trying to do all I could to be like Him, but He was also walking with me — doing all He could to bring peace.


Age 33

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