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Story #29

"The Fog Cleared"

"The Fog Cleared"

While serving in the USCG I was flying into Kodiak Island in Alaska on a foggy November night. The crew chief asked me to sit in the port search window to keep an eye out for any holes in the fog so we could see to land. I put on the communication head set and swung out in the bubble. It felt like I was flying through a cloud. The fog was so thick, I could just see the propellers of the C130 aircraft. All of a sudden the fog cleared and all I could see was a mountain right in front of us. I started saying, “Up, Up, Up” over and over as the pilot pulled back and tried to bank and climb away from the mountain. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the propellers. They were skimming the grass on the side of the mountain. I thought we were done. I knew it would be quick. Then we were plunged into the fog again. Soon we popped up out of the fog like a whale clearing the ocean’s surface.

As we headed for Anchorage, I knew that Jesus was there with us. He saved us. Whenever I think about that day, the feeling that he has for me comes back. I know he did it because I still have work to do for him.

HVAC Inside Sales

Age 63

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