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Story #3

"I Had Been Embraced"

"I Had Been Embraced"

I remember years ago when I retired to bed one night. I was frustrated and angry over a situation. I felt my chest tightening and my heart feeling ‘hard’. I did not like it at all. I knew it was not a place to be spiritually or physically. I knelt and prayed. I climbed into bed and continued to pray….. I prayed and cried a long while.

I shall never forget the peaceful calm that gently, but suddenly, came over me. My eyes opened and I remember thinking, “Who’s here? What just happened?” The physical pain was gone…. My body felt relaxed and my heart and spirit felt love.

I felt I had been embraced

I knew He heard and answered my prayer. I knew I had a new heart and I would be able to do what was needed with Heaven’s help.

Temple Worker

Age 65

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