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Story #32

"Ask One of My Siblings"

"Ask One of My Siblings"

Once I was working on a coding lab for my class and, my goodness, it was just not working. Part of our labs is that we run it through a test script and if it passes then we are good to go and we can get it passed off. For this particular lab, whenever I ran the script, I kept getting the same error, over and over. Literally hours were spent, huddled in my room, lights off, bright screen in my face, blood-shot eyes, staring at a coding problem that for the life of me I couldn’t figure out.

I didn’t pray right away, but I slowly started to. I got the impression to ask one of my siblings for help. They did coding, but I honestly hadn’t reached out to them before because I knew how busy they were. And not only that, but I wanted to solve this on my own, so It was definitely a “defeated” mentality when I eventually called. I honestly didn’t expect what would happen next.

The first question they asked me was, “Did you put any ‘hooks’ in your code?” I had never heard that term before. They briefly told me how I could use simple lines of code to display info, like warnings, and I could see what was happening behind the scenes. It literally changed everything about my debugging process, and I found the issue within 20 minutes. The phone call probably took just about 10.

I should not have been as prideful as I was, and I think the Lord was helping me know that not only is it ok to reach out for help, but He specifically asks us to. He knows how to help us.

Computer Science Student

Age 26

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