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Story #33

"Peace Settled Over Me"

"Peace Settled Over Me"

Growing up, my dad’s military career had us moving every couple of years. The hardest of these moves for me was after my freshman year in high school. I had spent the last three years in what had become my favorite place. I had several good friends, a great church community, and cousins living nearby. I didn’t want to leave. When I found out we were moving to middle-of-nowhere Kansas, I cried. Hard. I maintained a pretty bad attitude about it the whole trip there.

Our first Sunday in Kansas, my parents saw a sign for a youth conference that was happening soon. Knowing I was depressed and angry about the move, they encouraged me to go, telling me it would be a great opportunity to make friends. Unfortunately, I have some social anxiety and the prospect of meeting new people terrified me. As I was pondering whether or not to go, and feeling overwhelmed with fear, the conference theme caught my eye. The theme centered around a verse of scripture, Isaiah 41:10. On the sign was the first line, “Fear not, I am with thee.” Peace settled over me. I felt like the Savior was speaking personally to me. I didn’t need fear. He would take care of me. I went, ready to test if it were true, and it was! The Savior comforted and strengthened me, giving me courage to get out of my shell and talk to people. I was able to talk to the girls I was staying with, and they became some of my best friends!

That verse will forever hold a special place in my heart as it reminds me that we don’t need to fear. Christ is with us. He will strengthen us to meet whatever challenges we face.

Sophomore in High School

Age 15

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