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Story #34

"It Oddly Locked"

"It Oddly Locked"

Had an interesting experience as a missionary that was surprisingly not about missionary work, but just a little thing that happened that might have saved a kids life.

My companion and I had just finished a lesson with a family who had a little kid with tons of energy. He loved to run around and go on adventures (I’m sure much to his parents exhaustion!) Anyways, it was night and snowing outside, so my companion and I were anxious to get in our car and get the heater going; however, when we got to the car, it oddly locked — like we heard the door handles lock. My comp and I looked at each other confused. He pressed the unlock button multiple times and after a few seconds we heard the doors unlock and we got in, making passing comments that that was odd.

We turned the car around and began to drive down the long driveway when we saw a little kid dart out a ways in front of us. We slammed the breaks and stopped just a few feet from hitting him. One of the parents rushed and scooped the little boy up while my companion and I sat in shock. Had we been just a few seconds sooner, we would have hit the boy as soon as he reached the road. On our way to our next appointment we pulled over and said a prayer of gratitude for the miracle we had just witnessed.

I believe that sometimes the Lord will slow us down, even delay us, when it’s just not the right time. Maybe not always down to the seconds like that night, but still, I believe that timing is a huge part of the miracles in our lives.

Returned Missionary

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