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Story #35

"Back to the Syllabus"

"Back to the Syllabus"

I’m grateful that the Lord can sometimes send a gentle reminder for things that clearly we should be aware of.

Once during my freshman year in college I was wrapping up for the day and getting ready to walk home. It was evening, but not too dark yet. Mentally I went over what I had to get done for the next day (homework, studying for exams, all that great school stuff) and while I couldn’t think of any assignments/tasks that were missing, I kept getting the feeling that there was something I hadn’t done yet. The thought made me stop and double-check my notes, even going all the way back to the syllabus of some classes. And that’s when I found it: a semester paper that I had somehow completely missed that was due — you guessed it — the next day. While my body & mind went into a little shock at the realization that I had nearly missed the biggest assignment of the class, I felt this assurance that, while not nearly the best way to do research and write a paper (all in one sitting at the library) I would certainly be able to do it if I buckled down and focused. I walked home at midnight after spending the entire evening in the library, but the paper was done.

Sometimes I think of how I felt before I realized my mistake: so oblivious and unaware of what was about to transpire; just excited to head home. I know it can be nice to stay in such a place mentally, but really, without a doubt, I am grateful the Lord helps in moments like that.

College Student

Age 24

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