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Story #38

"Feeling the Ground"

"Feeling the Ground"

I was feeling anxious at a church meeting one day and decided to stand outside the door listening and pacing a bit. While doing so, a friend from the congregation passed by me and turns out we were doing the same thing! It honestly was kind of funny to find both of our socially anxious selves now in a conversation, but it felt honest. Like I knew the friend wasn’t judging me at all because we were in the same boat.

Anyways, she shared this little tip of taking your shoes off and just feeling the ground with your feet. Like feeling the sensation of the floor and carpet would help me feel “grounded” and calm my anxieties. I had never heard of that life hack before, so I gave it a try and it actually helped! I’ve thought of that tool many times since and it’s been a blessing.

I guess I’m sharing this story because it felt like God was helping me through this friend so that I now have a coping technique I can use anytime! I know God knows we have anxiety and depression and I believe with all my heart he wants to help us!


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