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Story #39

"A Little Warning"

"A Little Warning"

I had an experience that was super simple, but I think the message, at least what it meant to me, was huge. I was playing a game with some friends and, while we all care about each other, sometimes competitive spirits give way to some genuine frustrations and intensity, ya know?

Anyway, it was my turn, and I needed to avoid getting one number for may token's movement or I would land on a spot that would make me lose. With the movement counter spinning, something in me just said “You are going to get that number you don’t want”. For a split second I brushed it aside, but I knew that feeling. Even though I didn’t want to give into it or admit it, I just knew it was going to happen. I stopped the counter, and, lo and behold, there shone the number for my eventual loss.

Why this all mattered to me was because I genuinely believe that God gave me a little warning so I would react well. When I saw the number, instead of being shocked and upset, I was calm and expecting. It helped me not be mad about it. In fact, it helped me laugh! Like I couldn’t believe, of all the possibilities, I’d actually get it. In that moment we all couldn’t believe it actually, and instead of being caught up in trying to win, the moment dispelled frustrations and we all laughed at the sheer ridiculousness.

I walked away from that really feeling humbled. Not that playing or trying to win is bad, but it was more important for me and my friends to just be together and share the moment, win or lose. I’m gonna remember that lesson forever.


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