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Story #40

"Just Drive All the Way"

"Just Drive All the Way"

Once I needed to make a significant purchase, but it was really hard to find. The purchase was in order to help someone else, and I was worried because the longer it took to find the more my dear friend would struggle. I prayed for guidance on what to do.

One day in the morning, while getting ready, I got the random feeling to just drive all the way over to the place that sometimes carries them, not knowing if they’d have any, and just ask. It was a long drive so I was surprised by the feeling, yet, it just felt so clearly like what I needed to do. So, chuckling to myself that I was actually doing this, I headed out—the whole way having really no idea what was going to happen.

When I got to the place I walked in and asked an employee if they had any and, of course, they said no. I pleasantly thanked them and, not knowing what else to do, stood there and looked around at whatever was nearby. Only a few seconds later, the employee stopped me and, in surprise, shared that a truck had literally just arrived and they were checking in new items. He refreshed the stock on his computer, and one had arrived. I was floored. I made the purchase and was able to help my dear friend that very weekend.

If I had more time to write, I would love to share the other miracles of timing that happened that day—all in order to get my friend what they needed. But this experience itself was such a testimony to me that God knows exactly how to answer our prayers, even down to the seconds.

(Private Occupation)

Age 32

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