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Story #43

"Looking Forward to Each Day"

"Looking Forward to Each Day"

Some 35 years ago a young man in our neighborhood had been struck by a car while walking home from school. Because the accident left him with some special needs, both mentally and physically, his mother chose to leave the family. His father tried his best to take care of him, but had to work during the day—leaving him alone at home. He would on occasion come to our house and ask for food which we would happily give.

We eventually moved to a different part of town and I lost track of him. A few weeks ago I saw him hitchhiking by the side of the road, so I pulled over and called him by name. I introduced myself and the first thing he said was, “I remember you….you and your family were nice to me and gave me food when I was hungry”. Once we got on the road, I was astonished when he then asked, by name, how our children were doing! After complimenting him on his memory, I asked him how things were. He said his father had moved away and left him with his grandparents. Then I said something like, “you have sure had a pretty tough life”. He then said, “no….there was a time when I wanted to kill myself, but I then realized that God wanted me to be happy….I now look forward to each day and just try to be happy.”

Driving home, I thought to myself, he has been abandoned by both parents, struggles mentally and physically, and probably doesn’t have many friends but here he is: looking forward to each day and what it can bring; grateful for small acts of kindness. I was reminded of the power to see the hand of God in our lives each day.

Retired Engineer

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