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Story #44

"The Perfect Friend"

"The Perfect Friend"

Over my adult years, my social anxiety has heightened, making it difficult for me to get to know new people or to get involved in social activities at my local church congregation.

One of these occasions was especially difficult for me as I had been struggling to feel like I fit in with the congregation I was attending. Every Monday they met for a group activity, and the part of me that likes social activities and getting to know people wanted to force myself to attend. I got to the church parking lot—even through the front doors—before I stopped. My anxiety had been getting stronger with each step, and I was tired and exhausted from a long day at work. I wasn’t sure I had the energy to make the effort to be social, but I also knew that if I could get over my anxiety, I always enjoyed being around people. As I thought about turning around and leaving, I noticed a picture of Christ on the wall, and thought about how He is always there for us and the perfect friend. I prayed a simple prayer, asking if Christ could go with me. As I took a deep breath and walked into the gym where they were meeting, I felt as if the Savior walked beside me. I knew I wasn’t alone and that even if I didn’t meet anyone new, or if no one talked to me, I had a friend in Christ.


Age 31

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