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Story #45

"My Heart Was Lifted"

"My Heart Was Lifted"

Long ago, when our family was young and our schedule was very full, I remember a particular day feeling very overwhelmed. I let my family know that I was going to a quiet place in our backyard. My heart was heavy, and I wanted to pray privately and pour my heart out to my Father in Heaven. So I went out and did just that.
In that private moment, while I was praying, I heard voices in the distance. I looked around, and I saw my "visiting teachers" in my driveway. My heart was lifted just seeing them. I started to walk over to them, and then I saw it. Dishes and bowls with food. They had decided to bring over some dinner. They just felt to do so.
In our sweet exchange, I realized they brought much more than dinner: they brought their love and sensitivity by seeing me where I was and lifting me. My overwhelmed heart felt loved. They were ministering to me—heart to heart, sister to sister.
I have never forgotten that day when my heart was healed through the kind act of two sisters in my congregation. How I needed that. How could something so simple feel so healing? They were on the Lord’s errand, and they brought healing through Him.


Age 71

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