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Story #46

"An Embracing Feeling"

"An Embracing Feeling"

I had a wonderful "follow-up" experience to one that I had already shared here a while back (Story #4). It happened again while playing VR actually, and at the time, I had been feeling a mixture of being alone in my faith and in my goals. I knew I wasn’t, but the feeling was nonetheless there. I had hoped that exercising would help me get some energy out and feel better.
While playing, a scenario came into my mind about being asked why I believe and what I would say in response. As I imagined myself bearing my testimony, I felt an embracing feeling of peace and companionship. It was so uplifting, joyful, and powerful that it felt like my heart would burst. The feeling so clearly carried the message that Jesus Christ was walking this path with me, that I was not alone in my faith, and that together we would accomplish the righteous goals of my heart. Together, we would accomplish the impossible.
In contrast to my last experience, where I relied on anger to give me strength and learned to rely on Christ, here I felt this was the next step, which was to be filled with love and unity with Him. The strength and confidence from it were in a league of their own, and I’ll never forget that feeling. Jesus’s love will always be stronger than the hate and anger in our lives.

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