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Story #8

"I Felt To Answer"

"I Felt To Answer"

I remember a time when some family came to visit and while it was certainly fun, it was also really rough. Often I felt like an outsider among them, like I didn’t quite fit it. Their interests and things they wanted to talk about were so different than mine. Even when I tried to engage, it wouldn’t go far. I know they didn’t mean anything malicious, but none then less I just felt out of place.

After they left I prayed for comfort and I got rather emotional. I prayed for someone to talk to who would understand what I felt. I just didn’t want to be feel alone.

The next day, late at night, I got a text from a friend asking if I was awake and if I’d be down to chat. I was tired, and honestly not really up for calling, but I kept getting the feeling that I should. Rationalizing that it would be fine either way, I was about to tell them no, but the feeling came again. Somewhat grudgingly, I decided to trust the feeling and called.

During our chat, I opened up about the rough experience and to my surprise they shared something similar. We talked for hours about the pain of wanting to have some kind of connection with family, but feeling like an outsider. At the end they told me that they felt to call, and I shared that I felt to answer. It was a beautiful moment between us, and we both shared our gratitude for the Lord who guided us.

These kinds of moments help me learn to trust the Savior. I know He wants to help us.


Age 32

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