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Story #9

"I Just Wanted Anything"

"I Just Wanted Anything"

About midway through college I developed bad sleep insomnia. Naturally, it made my mornings really rough, and my ability to focus even worse. My studies started to decline and I was falling behind in pretty much all my classes. I tried seeing doctors and getting medication, but nothing seemed to help. I genuinely felt hopeless.

One day, after failing again to make it to classes and complete certain assignments, I turned to God in prayer. I had prayed many times about this, but they were always simply prayers begging God to take my sleeping problems away. Now, though, I just wanted anything. Literally anything. I remember praying to God candidly that I knew my situation just wasn’t working and it wasn’t sustainable in order to complete my degree. I didn’t know what could be done, but I was at my wits end. I asked for help, and even if my sleeping issues didn’t go away, I wanted to know what to do, even if it meant dropping out.

After I said all that, I had a simple thought that tonight I would find the answer, and that specifically I should go to a get-together a friend of mine was having.

That night I found out about an online program through a sister college that not only would allow me to transfer my completed classes and finish my degree, but would also allow me to set my own schedule so I could rest when I was able to. It was the miracle I needed, and while I still struggle with sleep, I thank God to this day for leading me to a solution I didn’t know existed.

Online College Student

Age 29

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